Our Mission

Friends of PS 217 has been formed to widen the scope of interest in and support for PS 217 on the part of friends, neighbors, parents, elected officials and PS 217 alumnae. The goal of Friends of PS 217 is to augment the excellent offerings, both academic and extra-curricular, that already are defining features of this long-established and well-managed school in the heart of Victorian Flatbush. Friends of PS 217 strives to provide PS 217 students with a richer, more comprehensive education that is so important for success in continuing education and later life.

A well-funded and effectively run elementary school forms the bedrock of a solid, stable, and desirable neighborhood. PS 217 is an outstanding school with the management skills and capability to offer a comprehensive education to the children of our neighborhood, both during and after school.

However, funding limitations constrain the opportunities afforded its students. The wider educational opportunities to be sought by Friends of PS 217 will allow students the opportunity to learn more about themselves, their skills, and their preferences, factors so important in making the choices they will have to make as they move on. Exposure to areas not currently funded will also help students develop skills to face future challenges with confidence and help them take their places as productive members of society and future leaders.